Butterflies (in the UK)

Gatekeeper (c) Mark Searle/Butterfly Conservation

Pictured above is a butterfly. Am guessing you already knew that. But did you know the name of this particular butterfly? Allow me. It is called ‘The Gatekeeper.’ The Gatekeeper is one of THE most abundant butterflies in the UK (although I have never seen one) but sadly it has declined by 40% in the past decade. And that is no fish story. According to the Butterfly Conversation, a charity whose focus is on grasshoppers. I kid. Butterflies, silly.  According to BC, The Gatekeeper has suffered a ‘major slump.’ In fact, the outlook for insects (including bees) in the UK looks pretty bleak. Sigh. A recent study linked their decline to the increased agricultural use of pesticides.  Further, since the 1970’s many species of butterflies in the UK have declined drastically. In short, butterflies are in real trouble. The struggle is real.

Duke of Burgundy butterfly (c) Butterfly Conservation

Pictured above is ‘The Duke of Burgandy’ and thankfully, focused conversation methods have increased the numbers of this ‘Duke.’ So, its not all bad news people. Silver lining. Silver lining and butterflies forever.



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