Hey people, yes its ME!  Just wanted to let you know that I have a NEW blog all about Kate Middleton. Yeah. Groan. So…I will not be showcasing her here in this blog ‘Life in London, American Style’ but if you are interested, check out the new blog ‘All About Kate’ here:

And in this new blog about Kate, I promise to be much kinder. Or at least try. 😉




  1. Yvonne · December 13, 2015

    Argh, that link takes me to my very own stats! Am I really Kate Middleton and I don’t know it????

  2. Yvonne · December 13, 2015

    PS. You’re cute, but have they got you locked in some stocks? Whatever did you do?

    • samdfb1 · December 13, 2015

      Thanks! Hah! I just can’t keep my big trap shut. Actually it was a level crossing thing. The English! Go figure. 😉

  3. Yvonne · December 13, 2015

    Please fix that link, so I can satisfy my fixation on KM. Thank you.

    • samdfb1 · December 13, 2015

      Hah! Seems ok. Just tried link-no probs. Try it again number 1 fan. 😉

      • Yvonne · December 14, 2015

        Right, I’m off to try it now.

      • Yvonne · December 14, 2015

        Huh, still brings me back to my stats, which, of course, is a wonder to behold. I’ll try http:// and then your new blog, and let you know what happens! 🙂

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