Who is Tyson Fury?

Tyson Fury

Boxer Tyson Fury is the  new  world heavyweight champion. Fury won the WBA, IBF and WBO World heavyweight titles from Wladimir Klitschko last weekend. Oh yeah, and Fury is kind of a jerk. Wait. He IS a jerk. I say this because I know this to be true. Fury has been quoted as saying a woman’s “best place is on her back” and he has criticised homosexuality and abortion. He did attempt to explain himself and said he was only referring to his WIFE. That’s right, he has a wife. And she is happily spending his money.  Presumably on her feet.  Actually Fury said, “I love my women and what I said goes for my wife alone. She knows her place, I know her place. That’s our culture of people.” Yikes. Please send help. ASAP.

And NOW, there is a petition calling for his removal of BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Where is that petition? I want to sign it. I NEED to sign it. The BBC has said little except for the award is based on your sporting and athletic abilities-not based on the fact that you are  largely an antiquated chauvinistic pig. Perhaps the BBC did not say that-but maybe they did.

Look here. Fury is who he is. He is a boxer. Allow me to rephrase that. Fury is a boxer who is sexist, homophobic and largely degrading in tone, manner and general demeanour. Oh, he has said way more stuff that I haven’t even mentioned. But as for me, I’m done with Fury. That is all.

Cheers Y’all







  1. Yvonne · December 8, 2015

    Nice guy.

    • samdfb1 · December 8, 2015

      Nice guy….to stay away from! 😉

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