British English phrases

British English. It really is a different way of speaking. I am happy to help you with this. You are welcome. Let’s commence, shall we? When British people speak British English I hear Greek. Kid not. Here are a few phrases that will totally bamboozle you. But at least you will know what they mean.

When someone makes a complete mess of something or it didn’t go as planned, British people call it a ‘cock up.’ As an American, when I hear that-I start thinking of ‘Debbie does Dallas’ Perhaps I have said too much. But here is an example: She really cocked up that interview. This means, that the interview didn’t go well at all. She should have prepared better.

When a British person says ‘have you got the hump?’ It means: ‘are you mildly annoyed?’ Or you could just declare to someone: ‘I think I have hump today.’ So crazy. So funny.

You know when you get a cold shiver down your back? British people say, ‘oh dear, someone just walked over my grave. ‘ Yikes. Also,  if a British person is scantily clad in winter (its always winter here as far as I’m concerned) British people will say ‘they’ll catch their death.’ Perhaps. But what an ominous thing to say.

There are way more of course. But that is enough for now, and Bob is your Uncle. Yup.

Cheers Y’all






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