Update on Prince George

Prince George, two, has apparently been cruising around the lanes of his Norfolk home on a £100 toy tractor - after his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed on Friday that he is 'obsessed' with anything with wheels

Here is the latest update on Prince George. You are welcome. Ok, let’s do this. Prince George is probably the cutest kid in the UK with that cherubic face of his. I mean. Prince George just got his first toy tractor in which he DRIVES. Yes. The kid is uber talented. He is mad about tractors-most boys are so. Although, it would be perfectly ok if he was mad about pointe shoes and pink tutu’s but I don’t think the Queen is ready for all that. Back to the tractor. The tractor costs £100. What the what? Kind of expensive gift for a kid but PG is no ordinary kid. So, PG has been driving his tractor around the lanes of his Norfolk home (oh and he’s obsessed with combine harvesters-and all this time I thought it was just a song and not a real thing.). The mini tractor was a gift from the agricultural company John Deer, which holds a royal warrant to supply the Queen with farm and garden and farm machinery.

The tractor

You too can get the tractor that the future King of England is currently playing with. Just pick it up at Toys R Us. As for me, I would rather spend £100 on something else. But in any case, the toy tractor is bright green and yellow with a front loader an tipping digger bucket. I don’t even know what I just wrote there-am hoping you do. Anyway, on the Toys R Us website-it says “watch your child scoop away with the John Deer Farm Tractor with Loader Ride-on’ but if you read between the lines you will read, ‘sorry, this item is unavailable-once Prince George had one EVERYONE had to have one. SOLD OUT. Sorry mate.’ The website also says ‘your little farmer will love exercising and developing his or her fine motor skills while pedalling away using the anti-slip pedals and pedal crank with eccentric bearings.’ So, now you know why it costs £100. Good grief. Anyway, here is a picture of the ‘toy.’

The miniature mobile costs £100 and is from agricultural company, John Deere, which holds a royal warrant to supply his grandmother, the Queen, with farm and garden machinery


Charlotte and George

So, I can’t really write about George without mentioning his sister, Charlotte. Whom they call ‘Char’ yes, its true.  Anyway, Princess Charlotte is doing well. According to Kate, ” They are doing really well. Thanks. Charlotte is getting bigger and getting on well with her noisy big brother.” Fascinating and riveting in equal measure.  Ok, I will be nice now. Or at least try to.  Anyway, they look like a pretty happy family and that is all anyone could ask for.

Asked about her plans for Christmas during a visit to a men's mental health support group on Friday, Kate replied: 'I haven't started yet, but George will be starting to talk about Christmas soon'




  1. Yvonne · November 24, 2015

    I want one of those tractors!

    • samdfb1 · November 24, 2015

      hah! Will let Santa know…

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