Who is Dante Jaime Coyne?

Dante has been hailed as a gentleman by many commenting on his Facebook status

I actually never met Dante Jaime Coyne and I probably NEVER will. Who is he exactly? Allow me to tell you. Dante Jaime Coyne is a BOSS. Plus, his first name is pretty awesome. Recently, Dante boarded a busy train-he commutes to London like so many of us do.  Here’s the thing….train fares are pretty expensive and I rarely get a seat during rush hour. Even pregnant women have to stand-it is that bad. Anyway, Dante boarded a train and saw a set of 6 seats with 5 seats empty. Strange. It was rush hour after all. But no one wanted to sit next to the woman occupying seat 1 of 6 because she was wearing a niqab. A niqab is a face-covering veil leaving only the eyes visible. The lady in question has EVERY right to wear a niqab-and anyway, this is ENGLAND not FRANCE, where wearing a veil is prohibited.  Meanwhile, back in England on a busy morning, commuters would rather stand than sit next to this woman. Shame on them. My new BFF Dante saw this and loudly announced, “I’ll sit here” and then he took his seat. Yeah for him.  When the lady got off the train, she nodded to Dante and whispered quietly, ‘Thank you.”

This story really resonated with me. I don’t wear a veil myself, but I do believe that all people deserve kindness and respect-even if you don’t know them. Especially if you don’t know them. Hey Dante, you totally made my day so….just wanted to say “thanks mate. You rock.”

Dante posted what happened on Facebook on Monday which has gone viral after receiving over 40,000 likes

Women posted they had received similar treatment to the woman when they wore a hijab

One woman posted she 'couldn't help but cry' because of his kind gesture

While one woman said the people in the carriage had no heart and called Dante a 'decent guy'

Dante was overwhelmed by the attention and said he was taking a break from Facebook but hoped 'in time I see others do this more often'

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · October 31, 2015

    We’re a strange lot, we humans. We don’t stop to think about the fact that the shoe could easily be on the other foot.

    • samdfb1 · October 31, 2015

      We are a strange lot. I can agree with you on this Yvonne! Watching the rugby later?

      • Yvonne · October 31, 2015

        Rugby?? What is that?

      • samdfb1 · October 31, 2015

        Oh dear. Well, its a game with big burly men who run like wind and tackle each other. Oh, and your team Australia lost. But they played great against the All Blacks. 😉

  2. Yvonne · October 31, 2015

    Oh. Is that why folks in Australia are wearing mourning clothing today?

    Happy All Souls, by the way.

    • samdfb1 · November 1, 2015

      Yes, that is the reason-defo. Happy All Souls to you as well. Bloody freezing here!

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