The most UNAFFORDABLE place to live in the UK

The UK is currently facing a housing crisis.  The price of owning your own home seems unlikely for many and subsequently forces people to become long-term renters, if not squatters.  Ok, maybe not. But house prices are pretty high, along with a shortage of houses, as we all live together on this tiny little island.  The motto used to be: ‘work hard-save-buy a house.’ Now that motto has largely been replaced by: ‘work hard-live with parents until age 39ish. move out.’ Yup.

According to a recent poll, the MOST unaffordable place to live in Britain is Oxford.  In order to secure a mortgage, you will need an income of 70K-which is like 2 million US Dollars. Kid not. If you can’t afford a house, you will have to rent and rents are pretty high. So, you are pretty much up a creek without a paddle. Actually, you are in a river and you are drowning. No one will save you-well maybe The Bank of Mum and Dad will.  The housing crisis also has larger ramifications.  Get this, as the housing prices are so high people can’t afford to work or live in Oxford.   And while there are plenty of jobs in Oxford, no one seems all that interested.  Teachers, bus drivers and others all make decent money but NOT enough to buy a house in Oxford. And bus drivers in Oxford are paid A LOT (even more than they are paid in London Town) but that high salary is unable to help with buying a house.  Yikes.

Also in Oxford (like everywhere else) there is ‘greenbelt’ land and available fields-so why not build on those? Well, first of all, ‘greenbelt’ land is a policy for controlling urban growth. It prevents urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open, and consequently the most important attribute is its openness.  This allotted space of land is held in reserve for an area of public open space and for recreational purposes and you CAN’T build houses on it.  As for fields, many of those who are lucky enough to live near fields simply don’t want houses or flats being built on them.  Cue housing problems in England.

So, housing continues to be a major issue.  Even our Prime Minister has addressed this in regards to ‘starter home’s at so called affordable prices-you can read more about it here:

And that is all she wrote. (oh man, don’t I WISH I wrote for The Guardian)

Cheers Y’all


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