Kate Middleton to attend her FIRST state banquet

As the royals entertain the Chinese leader Xi Jinping, the Duchess is likely be seated in a prominent position on the grand horseshoe-shaped table

Our Kate will attend her FIRST state banquet at Buckingham Palace in one week, as the royals entertain the Chinese leader Xi Jinping. As you may know, I rather like writing about Kate Middleton, I mean The Duchess of Cambridge-so, here ya go. You are welcome.

The Duchess of Cambridge, despite being a royal for the past 4 1/2 years will attend her FIRAT state banquet soon. Yeah.  And while Kate will not be preparing any food or setting the table she will figure prominently. If you want to know what REALLY goes on at a state banquet, check out my blog on this topic. Anyway, Kate will make her inaugural appearance at the state banquet among 170 distinguished guests.  According to protocol (this is England after all) Kate will wear an evening gown and will display a family order or miniature portrait of the Sovereign set in diamonds, suspended by a ribbon pinned to her left shoulder.  Also, ‘home girl’ will we wearing a tiara (tiara’s are usually lent out by Her Majesty the Queen-as she’s got tons of them.) So, the burning question is….What tiara will Kate be wearing? Well, she’s got a few options. But first here is the picture of the family order/mini portrait:

There is speculation the Queen may now have given Kate the Elizabeth II family order - a jewel encased image of the Queen on a chartreuse yellow ribbon, pictured here on Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

So, Kate will have many options regarding which tiara to wear. They include:


That’s right. Princess Di’s tiara.  Kate could wear this as a tribute to her late mother in law. But I doubt she will. It is a Spencer family heirloom and Diana wore it many times. When she died, it was inherited by her sons, William and Harry. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Here it is.

Kate could select the Spencer tiara in tribute to the Duke of Cambridge's mother

Then there is the CAMBRIDGE LOVER’s KNOT TIARA. Kate might wear this as she is the Duchess of Cambridge. This  was a present from the Queen to Diana on her wedding day. Nice gift!  It is a fusion of diamonds and pearls, and was made in 1941. Its neo-classical design of 19 diamond arches, cradling an oriental pearl drop. Diana wore it often. I mean, I would too.  It was designed by the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary.  As I said earlier, Diana wore it often but often complained that it was heavy and gave her a headache. #Princessproblems

The diamond and pearl-encrusted tiara was made in 1914 and has a strong French influence with a neo-classical design of 19 diamond arches, each cradling an oriental pearl drop

Also, Kate could wear the CARTIER HALO TIARA, which she wore on her wedding day, as a loaner from the Queen.  She may opt to wear this as she is comfortable in it and has already worn it. And Diana often wore her wedding tiara to banquets so, Kate may very well do the same. This tiara was actually given to the Queen on her 18th birthday so am guessing she is going to want it back. It is a loaner for sure. Here it is:

Kate wore the delicate Cartier 'Halo' tiara, loaned by the queen on her wedding day in 2011

Kate could also wear THE STRATHMORE ROSE TIARA. It belonged to the Queen Mum (the Queen’s Mother) who used to wear it low on her forehead. Very 1920’s.  It has a fanned motif with diamond arches. Here is the Queen Mum wearing it:

The Queen Mother also wore the Papyrus tiara (right) with a lotus-flower design, which Kate choose for an evening reception in 2013, in the 1920s

But if Kate wanted to wear a BIG tiara (and hide that fringe of hers) she could wear QUEEN ALEXANDER’s RUSSIAN KOKOSHNIK TIARA. It has 61 platinum bars and 488 diamonds. OMG. Its is pretty amazing. Here is the Queen wearing it:

The Queen has been pictured in the glistening creation on several occasions

So, while Kate has a lot of choices she will NOT be wearing QUEEN MARY’S GIRLS TIARA OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND TIARA, because that is the Queen’s favourite and she will probably be wearing it herself. And actually, this tiara is mostly associated with the Queen as she wears it in the banknotes in which she is depicted on. And here it is…

It is said to be one of the Queen's favourites and she is likely to wear it herself

So, we  shall all wait with bated breath to see what tiara the Duchess of Cambridge will choose to wear when she attends her first state banquet in the upcoming days.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · October 13, 2015

    Aw, jeez, the problems facing the Royals. What an outdated anachronism they are. (I guess that’s a tautology, but I feel churlish today.)

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