Her Majesty the Queen

Salutations. We all know that the Queen is Head of State of the UK as well as of 15 Commonwealth countries. In short, she is A BOSS. But there are a few things about Liz, I mean, her Majesty the Queen that you might not know. Allow me to school you.  You are welcome.

1. Elizabeth has been on the throne for 63 years. This is a long time and longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to that basketball player, Manute Bol. Kidding. Shout out to The Washington Bullets.

2. Queen Elizabeth is only the 40th monarch-ever. Well, since William the Conqueror had the throne in 1066.

3. During her time on the throne, Liz has known/met 12 Prime Ministers and 12 US Presidents. I wonder who was her favourite US President?

4. Liz actually does pretty good impersonations of OTHER people. But usually, just in front of her close family members.

5. Married in 1947, the UK was still feeling the effects of WII-this included rationing. Elizabeth had to save up enough ration coupons in order to have her wedding dress made. Wow.

6. The Queen does not have an alarm clock. Instead, every morning she is woken up by her personal bagpipe player. Goodness. That is enough to get anyone out of bed! For real.

7. The Queen does not have a passport but has travelled to 129 countries. Amazing. Both the non passport status as well as the places she’s been.

8. The Queen does not have a drivers license either. But she knows how to drive-as she trained as a mechanic and military truck driver in 1945 when she was a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Service. Think, ‘Reserves.’

9. She likes dogs. A lot.  The Queen has had over 30 Corgi’s. Wow.

10. The Queen actually reads my blog ‘Life in London, American Style.’ Just kidding. She does not. But she should.

Image result for pictures of queen elizabeth

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · July 25, 2015

    I like that red hat. And, I looked twice at the one of her with her finger(s) in the air!

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