The Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge. The end. Just kidding. I think you know by now I am not a fan (sorry honey child). That being said, there are others out there JUST LIKE ME.  Recently, an Oxford academic had some thought provoking things to say about our Kate based on historical precedents. After reading it, it was as though I had won the Euro lottery. For real.  This is what Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly had to say….and she knows stuff as she his currently researching the roles of foreign consorts. Also,’Oxford’ people…this professor knows as they say in back home: ‘more than your average bear’.

First, many in the UK (not me) believe that Kate has modernised the Royal Family with her middle-class background paired with her love of wearing short skirts. I say: NOPE. The Prof said that Kate simply lacks the cultural influence of her predecessors. Music to my ears. She added, ‘It fascinates me that the Duchess of Cambridge is doing exactly the same kind of things that a queen consort would have done at any time from 1500 on’ meaning, her main role is to provide an heir and a spare.

The Professor of German literature at OXFORD said that Kate is culturally lacking. Ouch. Basically, according to the Prof., when a King married (at least up to WWII) he often ‘took’ a foreign bride, who then left home and never returned. And these foreign born princesses played an important role in which they introduced foreign cultural elements. Like, music, fashion, theatrical genres and even religion.  As a result, a foreign princess has often played a role in actually changing the culture of her new home-Britain. Just take a look at the role of Anne of Denmark made to Britain or even Henrietta Maria of France. Both women were major patron of the arts while they lived in Britain. Both Anne and Henrietta promoted ‘masque’-which is a  of a type of court theatre-which is a mix of music, dance and drama.  Think musicals.

The only thing our Kate has introduced into British society are her socially ambitious siblings-James and Pippa.  Oh yeah… and one very opinionated blogger. Yeah for that.

I love this picture. Kate is thinking ‘you need stop talking…now.’

Image result for pictures of kate duchess of cambridge

Kate visiting America

Image result for pictures of kate duchess of cambridge

I need this dress by Alexander McQueen

Image result for pictures of kate duchess of cambridge

She seems a little crazy. I like her now.

Image result for pictures of kate duchess of cambridge

She does have mad style though. I give her that.

Image result for pictures of kate duchess of cambridge

Cheers Y’all








  1. Phil Taylor · July 21, 2015

    Give Kate a break!

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