Tube Strike

This is what the Tube looked like as the strike began

There is a 24 hour Tube strike today. It’s going to be a nightmare.  In short, it is going to be a 24 hour nightmare.  Commencing now. Going to work should be relatively stress-free, and should be filled with images of unicorns and hummingbirds.  Instead, it will be filled with donkeys and bulls from Pamplona.  The entire Tube service has been suspended. No Tube today mate.

Last night 4 unions walked out in dispute over the night Tube service (starting in September-the Tube will run 24hrs on the weekends). Terms and conditions were not met, the Unions walked out and the end result is: No Tube today mate.  This is the first time since 2002 that the entire network has been closed due to a strike.  Thankfully, there will be an extra 200 buses in London Town. Have you taken a bus in London? Do you like standing? Do you like elbows prodding your muffin top? Well, then you should rather enjoy taking a bus today. People are being encouraged to walk and cycle. Have you cycled in London Town? Do you like living? Well then, you better not cycle. As for me, I will be braving the bus today.

I am really cross the Tube workers are striking. I mean, this is not France it is England.  But I get it. Tube workers work hard and come September, they will be working more hours which includes working on the 24 hour Tube service. Am guessing they have families and want to spend time with them.  So, the Tube workers rejected the offer of a 2% pay rise to include an extra 2K for drivers on the weekend night Tube. But, they make ‘bank’. With a salary of 50K, they should happily oblige their employer. But that is just my opinion. Today, I will do my best to smile while I am on the bus, standing up, as someone’s elbow is prodding my muffin top.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · July 9, 2015

    Well, one benefit to living in Dismal Swamp, no Tubes, no strikes, no elbows digging into the muffin top!

    • samdfb1 · July 9, 2015

      I am SO moving to Dismal Swamp. See ya around!

  2. Yvonne · July 9, 2015

    See ya!

    • samdfb1 · July 9, 2015

      Do y’all have gelato in Dismal Swamp? Si?

      • Yvonne · July 9, 2015

        Oh, for sure!

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