Who is Katherine Jenkins?

Who is Katherine Jenkins? Allow me to school you. Welcome mate. She is just about the most perfect looking woman in the UK. She makes Barbie look like a homeless person.  And frankly, it is pretty disheartening for us average girls. The struggle is real. Anyway, Katherine Jenkins was born on the 29th June 1980 and is a Welsh lyric mezzo-soprano, singer and songwriter. In brief, she is an opera singer. Before she became the Nation’s darling, she modelled, taught voice and worked as a tour guide on The London Eye.  Now, she sings in concerts, operas-she even sang for the Pope and has performed for British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, yeah for her. And she recently competed in the London Marathon. Is there anything this woman can’t do? I bet she burns toast. Correction, I hope she burns toast followed by an inability to boil water.

6 out of 7 of her studio albums reached number 1 in the UK classical charts between 2004 and 2008-in total, selling more than 4 million copies. Her first album ‘Premiere’ was the fastest selling mezzo-soprano to date. She is talented I give her that. But can she rock a pair of sweat pants? Because, that  is the TRUE test of a woman. In my opinion of course.  In the past, Katherine has not been lucky in love. But she recently married some guy and she is pregnant with her first child. No doubt she and her husband will have beautiful children. Just great.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · July 9, 2015

    Aw, she’s not bad, I guess. 🙂

    • samdfb1 · July 9, 2015

      lol Yvonne. Yeah, she cleans up pretty good. 😉

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