Who is Dr. John Sentamu (Archbishop of York)?

John Sentamu.jpg

John Tucker Mugabi Sentamu was born on 10 June 1949. He is 6th of 13 children.  An African Brady Bunch if you like. He is the 97th Archbishop of York.  This position is the second most senior clerical position in the Church of England, after that of Archbishop of Canterbury who is ‘Primate of All England.’  ‘Primate’ means = an archbishop or bishop ranking first among the bishops of a province or country.

Born near Kampala in Uganda.  He studied law ( I like him already) before gaining employment as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Uganda. OMG. He was briefly imprisoned as he spoke out against the regime of President Idi Amin.  He subsequently fled to the UK in 1974, devoted himself to Anglicanism (essentially Christianity-Church of England style) where he studied theology at Cambridge.  He was ordained in 1979 then later received his doctorate in 1984. In 2005 he was appointed to the position of Archbishop of York.

Sentamu is a viewed as a traditionalist within the Church of England. Meaning that he general supports socially conservative moral positions, and has publicly criticised multiculturalism and homosexual behaviour.  He has received loads of attention for his vocal criticism of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.  He is so opposed to Mugabe that he has removed his ‘dog collar’ (they call it that here- the white collar Priests wear) and has vowed not to wear it again until Mugabe is removed from office. Wow.  Here is an article about it.


Dr. John Sentamu seems to be clever, kind and thoughtful. He knows loads about theology.  He even has a Twitter following.  There are many things in which we disagree (although we have never spoken) on, but he seems like an OK guy. I mean Archbishop.

Here he is with his senior colleague-the then Archbishop of Canterbury.

And that is all she wrote.

Cheers Y’all.


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