England is the 2nd FATTEST country in Europe

Yikes.  Allow me to put down my chocolate cream donut.  Thanks.  Obesity is no laughing matter. Neither is being fat.  England is the 2nd fattest country in Europe.  We can’t make fun of our American cousins anymore. Glass houses people.  As I board my train every morning I often see (feral) school children dressed smartly in their jackets and ties and socks up to their knees.  They laugh about silly things and talk about their favourite football club.  As they are doing this, they are usually drinking Coke and eating a chocolate donut.  It is 7:57am. Kid not.  I shudder, judge and try not to make eye contact.  My mind wanders to their home life-do their parents not give them a proper breakfast? Do they know what ‘trans fat’ means? Am guessing they don’t.

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has launched an anti-obesity drive, as a recent report has found that Britain is the 2nd fattest nation in Europe. Mr. Stevens will ask GP’s (Doctors) to identify tens of thousands of fat patients to be put on anti-diabetes programmes and offered lifestyle advice.  He says that losing just 5 to 7 per cent of weight can cut the chance of developing diabetes by almost 60 per cent, according to research.

Here are some troubling stats: In the UK, 67% of men and 57% of women are either overweight or obese, according to the Global Burden of Disease study (Lancet Medical Journal) More than a quarter of children are also overweight or obese – 26% of boys and 29% of girls.  And remember those school children I mentioned? Well, there is concern about the rising levels of obesity among children in the developing world too, where under-nutrition is sometimes replaced by the wrong sort of nutrition – the arrival of the high-fat, high-sugar diet eaten in affluent countries. Nearly 13% of both boys and girls across the developing world are now overweight or obese, with particularly high rates among girls in north Africa and the Middle East.  Further, more than half of the world’s 671 million obese people (as opposed to overweight and obese) live in 10 populous countries. Ranked from the largest numbers to the least, they are the United States, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Need more convincing that this is a big FAT problem? Check out this link.


Cheers Y’all (as I sip this glass of diet water)



  1. Yvonne · June 4, 2015

    I’m pleased to see Italy at the far end of the list! I’m going to share this on Facebook, if that’s OK with you?

    • samdfb1 · June 4, 2015

      Hi Yvonne, yes, I too noticed Italy on the far end of the list. Another reason to move there! No problem at all! Thanks for asking! Cheers. x

  2. Bunny Olesen · November 12, 2015

    Why are you saying 2ND FATTEST – when even the link you posted clearly states FATTEST nation in Europe? 2nd 2nd, no m’am! This time you are free to say ‘you’re #1’. Yeah!

    • samdfb1 · November 12, 2015

      Well, I needed to draw my readers in. Guess it worked! Thanks for stopping by.

    • samdfb1 · November 12, 2015

      While your constructive comments ARE appreciated Bunny, it would not hurt to read the article again. Of course you should do this while having a glass of diet water. 😉

    • samdfb1 · November 12, 2015

      And just one more thing…many times we hear and read conflicting reports-this is only normal. Happy reading and thanks for stopping by. 😉

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