Who is Princess Michael of Kent?

Who is Princess Michael of Kent? Allow me to school you.  They actually call her ‘Princess Pushy’ which I find is a bit rude but hey, at least they don’t call her late for dinner.  Just saying.  Princess Michael of Kent is the Queen’s cousin.  Her birth name is : Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida.  She is a member of the  British Royal Family of Czech,German and Hungarian aristocratic origins/ancestry. She is married to Prince Michael of Kent, who is a Grandson of King George V. Princess Michael is an interior designer and author, having published several books on the royal families of Europe. She also undertakes lecture tours and supports her husband in his public work. The Kents do not carry out official royal duties, although they have on occasion represented the Queen at functions overseas.

Like I said, she is considered royalty but not exactly ‘good’ royalty. Hey, we ALL have skeletons in our closets, but this gal has royal skeletons in her royal closet.  Through her mother, the Princess is a descendant of Diane de Poitiers, mistress of Henry II of France and Catherine de Medici, Queen of France and also of painter Peter Paul Rubens. Her father was a Nazi party member who had held the rank of Sturmbannfuher  or Major in the SS during the Second World War.  Skeletons Y’all.

Anyway, Prince Michael (her husband) is a first cousin of the current British monarch, Elizabeth II. Upon marriage, she assumed the style and title of HRH Princess Michael of Kent, the female equivalent to her husband’s title; because she was not born a princess, she is not entitled to be styled Princess Marie Christine.  She and her husband have two children. Lord Frederick Windsor and Lady Gabriel Windsor.  I am not that impressed by titles but I heard the title ‘Lady’ can get you 25% off at The Gap.  I will let you know if it works or not.  Watch this space.

Princess Michael of Kent is a Roman Catholic. This is a problem living in England where the main religion is not Catholicism. However, her children are Church of England or Anglican (essentially Christian). Quick history lesson:  the Act of Settlement 1701 prohibits anyone who has married a Roman Catholic from succeeding to the throne, Prince Michael of Kent (at the time, 15th in the line of succession) lost his succession right upon his marriage to Marie Christine. However, their children retained their rights of succession as they are Church of England/Anglican. Phew. What a massive relief-more so for them than for me.

So, they call her ‘Princess Pushy’ for obvious reasons.  PP recently had eye surgery.  She pretty much rocked that eye patch.  It was velvet of course.  I would have opted for the Jackie O sunglasses. But that’s just me.

Cheers Y’all

The Czech-born princess wore a black eye-patch over her left eye after recent surgery, but still beamed in a pair of ornate diamond-studded earrings with a statement pearl necklace


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