Neighbours in the UK II


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I had previously written about neighbours in the UK and even my own experiences. Thankfully I did not name names…after all, they know where I live. Yikes.

Anyway, I have done a complete ‘about face’ regarding my neighbours. I kind of like them now. Well, one in particular.  This commenced recently when I befriended my 96 year old neighbour who lives in a grand old house, a few doors down from me. We met by accident (which is a proven method of cultivating and maintaining the BEST friendships).  Anyway, as I ambulated past her gaffe (house), she unexpectedly opened the door and said, ‘do you keep ringing my door bell and running away?’ I politely informed her that I had not, but it was most likely some of the feral neighbourhood children who, while high on E numbers (sugar, people…artificial sugar) patrol the neighbourhood on foot after school, usually while eating a Snickers followed by a sausage roll, followed by full fat Coca-Cola.  Further, it is ENTIRELY possible that I may have replied- in my usual, snarky manner-telling her that I was not 10 years old and that I was a grown woman. (Because we all know that 10 year olds ring the doorbell and run away). Thankfully and convinced of my innocence, my elderly neighbour smiled gently and we effortlessly fell into a seamless conversation about the weather and other equally important matters.  I left 45 minutes later.

My 96 year old neighbour is lovely, charming, funny and opinionated.  Did I mention she was 96?  She knows loads. She has seen a thing or two and has lived in that grand old house longer than I’ve been alive. If I had placed a secret tape recorder in her alcove it would have played back and recounted glorious anecdotes filled with secrets, laughter, admonishments and aspirations-all woven together with the scent of day old roses, which seemed to emanate from the very walls of her house.

Anyway, my 96 year old neighbour  is pretty fantastic.  She eats organic chocolate covered rice-cakes and washes it down with pineapple juice (which we often share in her garden).  And anyone who likes chocolate and pineapple is pretty darn special my book.  Nice to know you neighbour!

Cheers Y’all


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