Who is Bradley Wiggins?

Who is Bradley Wiggins? Actually, let me rephrase that: Who is Sir Bradley Wiggins? That’s better. Lets give the man some respect.  He is after all the first Brit to win the Tour de France in 2013-a well known bicycle race, you may have heard of.  Wiggins began his career on the track, but has made the transition to road cycling and is one of the few cyclists to gain significant elite level success in both forms of professional cycling.  He has been in the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics and of course The Tour de France.

In 1992, aged 12, he entered his first race, the West London Challenge 92.  Later that year he broke a collarbone in a road accident. He received £1,700 compensation for his injuries. He gave his mother £700 and used the rest to buy his first  racing bicycle “At 12”, he recalled, “I told my art teacher, I’m going to be Olympic champion, I’m going to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour.”

Apart from time spent on his bike, he is a well-known mod and owns a collection of classic motor scooters and guitars from the 1960s and 1970s.  In addition, He is a keen musician and guitarist. Also, Wiggins speaks fluent French through his participation with French cycling teams and after living in France for a number of years.

In a period after the 2004 Olympics, Wiggins started to drink heavily as he struggled to cope with his new-found fame. He stopped when his son Ben was born “We had a baby. So then it was a case of, well, I’ve got to earn some fucking money and the responsibility takes over,” he explained.  So, that is who Bradley Wiggins is.  I mean: Sir Bradley Wiggins, as he received a Knighthood making him a ‘Sir’.  He said later, that he thought about turning down the offer of his knighthood but changed his mind when he was told his grandad would ‘turn in his grave’

Cheers Y’all


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