General Election 2015

David Cameron gives a triumphant wave on the steps of Number 10 with his wife Samantha Cameron at his side as the results continue to fall in the Tories' favour

General Election. Democracy. Ed Balls. I was up for the better part of the night watching the results from the General Election. So you will excuse me if  don’t write in complete sentences.  Hence, the first 3 words. Here are the highlights:

-The above photo is of David Cameron and his wife Samantha (great name BTW).  David will continue to be our Prime Minister for the next 5 years.  Then he will leave to be a stay at home Dad.  Kid not.  They have 8 kids.  Kid not.  Ok, they have a lot of kids but not quite 8.  Because as we all know: ‘Eight is Enough’. Sam looks a bit tired. I know how she feels. Dave looks triumphant…and posh.

-Labour Leader, Ed Miliband suffered a crushing defeat.  The worst since Neil Kinnock.  Yikes. Bye Mr. Ed.  I prefer your brother…just saying.

-Boris is back! The London Mayor will see out 1 more year of his term as Mayor.  He will continue to be a brilliant buffoon.  He will return to the Commons after 7 years.  He is now the MP for Uxbridge.

-Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor loses his seat in Commons by 422 seats. Ouch. Recount might be in order.

-Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats (who were previously in a coalition government with the Tories) hints that he may be leaving politics after a dismal show by the Lib Dems.  He will now be stay at home Dad.  His wife is a high powered solicitor/lawyer who makes ‘bank’.  They and their 3 children will be fine financially.

-Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP is in a pub in Kent having a pint (it is 9:34am) as his future of his political life and party hang precariously in the balance of probabilities.  Meaning, he will probably now just go away.

-And last but not least….this blogger is going to go count sheep or perhaps votes (they are still counting them after all)

Cheers Y’all.


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