Who is Judge Rinder?

Dear Judge Rinder: I heart you.  For real.  Who is Judge Rinder? First of all, he is a barrister and NOT a judge.  ‘Judge Rinder’ is a TV show- a format similar to popular American show `Judge Judy’, small-claims cases are adjudicated in a studio courtroom presided over by criminal law barrister Rob Rinder. Each programme sees three different cases brought before the judge, who questions claimants and defendants, speaks to witnesses.  The cases and people are REAL. 

Robert Rinder is a proper barrister and that makes us friends.  Almost.  I must say this about Robert:

-He is a barrister and NOT a judge.

-He is so very camp.  Not judging.

-He takes no prisoners. Pardon the pun.  He can be a bit mean.  For example, he said: ‘if you’d been at the Last Supper, you’d have asked for ketchup’ and my personal favourite ‘I am NOT laughing at you, only near you.’  Gee thanks mate

-He is a proper barrister and hails from 2 Hare Court Chambers where he specialises in international fraud and money laundering.  This man knows the English Legal System.  Mad respect.

Judge Rinder has been on TV presiding over small claims court cases since 2014. I only JUST became aware of his existence via legal research.  I was actually revising for my upcoming law exams-watching TV helps. Trust me on this one.  So, Judge Rinder is funny, mad, brilliant, rude and sarcastic.  It makes for good TV viewing but it makes people think (or has the potential to) that all barristers are this way.  I can assure you with the utmost conviction, we are not.

Cheers Y’all

NB  The first picture is a bit misleading as Judges here in the UK don’t actually use a gavel.



  1. christina · June 22, 2016

    Barrister Robert render is witty, highly intelligent, extremely compassionate and, a shrewd judge of character. I really enjoy watching his daily judge finder programme and, while I learn a lot, I also find his show terribly amusing. My day would not have the wonderful kick to it if, it were not for judge finder. Sadly, we are not receiving that programme now in Ireland..what a travesty of justice!!! Kind regards. Christina from north Kerry, Ireland.

    • samdfb1 · June 22, 2016

      He is pretty fab. I met Judge Rinder recently…he was so nice! Short too. Ahh ROI just won their game. Congrats. Thanks for the read Christina! 😉

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