McDonald’s in the UK

Of course we have McDonald’s here in the UK.  I must admit, I don’t go that often as they don’t seem to cater to Vegetarians (I have no idea why) but recently I was waiting for my delayed train at Victoria Station as the coffee and grapefruit I had for breakfast, was but a distant memory, and my stomach was growling.  So, I got a Filet-o-fish meal with diet coke, regular size-since you asked.
I know that back home in the US, there are 43 ingredients that go into making the French fries. Er….what? I am as serious as a heart attack-and you might just get one if you keep going to Mc Donald’s. ( Please don’t sue me Mc Donald’s ) Anyway, here in the UK there are 3 ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt.  Kid not.  And the fries are pretty good.  Come on America-enough with the Trans fats just give people French fries without 43 Ingredients.  Anyway, here are some more interesting facts about the Golden Arches in England:
– McDonald’s is not the biggest food chain in Britain. There are now 1,249 McDonald’s in UK – not as many as either Costa (1,831) or Greggs (1,671).   Oh they serve coffee at Costa and pastries at Greggs.
-The Queen owns a drive-through McDonald’s. The Crown Estate is the landlord of the Bath Road Shopping Park in Slough, where there is a McDonald’s.
-On the 1974 menu there was a burger called a McMariner, an early British version of the Filet-o-Fish.
– McDonald’s estimates that about 400,000 cattle are slaughtered in UK every year to provide the beef for all its products. That’s the equivalent of 46 animals every hour. Er…..not on my watch.  I don’t eat meat.  But don’t judge you if you do.  Much.  Kidding.
-Its bestselling item is not the Big Mac. In the UK it is medium fries.   I. KNEW. IT.
-A Bacon Roll is the only item on the menu that is unique to McDonald’s UK. McDonald’s in India has at least five unique items, including the Chicken Maharaja Mac, with chicken burgers instead of beef, so as not to upset Hindu customers.
– Back in 2006 McDonald’s had nine restaurants open 24 hours a day.  The number has now increased to 567, as demand for early breakfasts and late meals from shift workers has increased.  Like Wow.
-McDonald’s UK head office is in Finchley. It was opened in 1983 by Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister but also the local MP in Finchley.  She described a Big Mac as ‘ absolutely enormous’ and doubted how anyone could hold it in one hand.
-The so-called McLibel trial – when McDonald’s took two activists to court over a pamphlet they had written about the company’s ethics and the food’s nutrition – is to this day the longest trial in English legal history, lasting well over a decade.  Yup. That’s right.
For someone who does not regularly go to McDonald’s….I sure do know a lot about the Golden Arches.
Cheers Y’all


  1. embracethespectrum · April 18, 2015

    Yeah. McDonald’s does process their food pretty well…I hear ya. Stopping by from #sitsblogging

    • samdfb1 · April 18, 2015

      IKR? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Stephanie Volkert · May 9, 2015

    This was a very informative read. I don’t eat at McDonald’s here in the states because it’s, well, junk (I wish it wasn’t because I love their fries), but those are some really cool facts you’ve shared.

    • samdfb1 · May 9, 2015

      Oh thanks! I love the fries too. I rarely eat there. But sometimes….Thanks for stopping by.

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