Happy Anniversary Charles and Camilla!

Portrait of a happy marriage: Charles and Camilla in the new photo released to mark their 10th anniversary

Happy Anniversary Charles and Camilla.  You two crazy cats did it-you hit the 10 year mark. Well done you! To mark your 10th anniversary, Clarence House (more on this later) has released the above picture to mark your 10th anniversary.   I mean, we all have photo ops to mark our 10th-don’t we? Yes, we do.

Anyhoo, your relationship has spanned 35 years, and we pretty much know how that went down and how in the end, you got your man, Camilla.  I do you like you Camilla, but you took someone else’s husband-not cool, girlfriend. But I guess that is all in the past now. Someone recently described you and your plight in this way: ‘Her role has changed dramatically…one minute she was a mistress and then she was an HRH.’ And also, ‘She’s never had any ambition for herself. She didn’t want to be a princess or a duchess. She just happened to love a man who was the Prince of Wales and look at the fuss that caused. She doesn’t want to be a star or be curtseyed to.’

It is widely known that Camilla knows how to make Charles laugh and he adores her in return. And that, is all anyone can ask for.  Happy 10th Anniversary Charles and Camilla.
Happy: The pair are all smiles as they arrive at the British ambassador's residence in Washington last month

Royal duties: With half of Britons supporting the idea, it is increasingly likely that Camilla will become queen

Cheers Y’all


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