UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The UK Independence Party, is commonly known as UKIP.  They are a right-wing political party here in the UK.  Founded in 1983 by members of the Anti-Federalist League with the primary objective of withdrawing UK from the European Union.  The party describes itself as a ‘democratic, libertarian party’ and is Eurosceptic. Their leader, pictured, is Nigel Farage and he seems like a likable chap, I mean you actually want to have a pint with this bloke down at the local (pub).  As people are increasingly becoming disenchanted with The Labour Party and The Conservatives, they are noticing Nigel Farage and his chums in UKIP more and more.  He speaks to the people, he’s a people person and he likes people.  But remember, he is a politician.

Nigel Farage was recently quoted as saying that his party is ‘quite reflective of modern Britain.’ Can you say massive generalisation? Perhaps, but it certainly caught my attention.  But most liken his party to a party here in the UK called, ‘The Official Monster Raving Loony Party.’ This is actually a registered political party.  I HARE they are mad as hatters. See what I did there? Anyway, I am not saying UKIP are mad (meaning crazy) but they are definitely doing the backstroke down the River Crazy-if you know what I mean.

UKIP’s pledge to Britain in the upcoming May elections are as follows:

-Saying NO to the EU

-Controlling the country’s borders

-Give an extra 3 billion pounds to the NHS

-Cuts in foreign aid and spending

-No tax on minimum wage

It sounds reasonable, nothing way out of left field.  And these are issues people care about here in the UK.  In closing, Nigel Farage said the other day, ‘We’re perfectly clear we want to be friendly with Europe, trade with Europe but make our own laws.’  Fair enough.  Oh and like I said, he is an Eurosceptic. But he is married to a German woman.  Not judging.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Kate Rigby (@mrsdiggerhound) · April 4, 2015

    A good sum up. I’ve got to say a lot of our politicians don’t look that trustworthy and I’m afraid he’s one of them. As you say people are getting very disillusioned and he is getting more and more popular.

    Over from #SITSBlogging

    • samdfb1 · April 4, 2015

      Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

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