Charles and Camilla go to Washington

This week we saw Charles and Camilla commence a three day trip to our Nation’s Capital. Washington DC, not London.  While I am not a massive fan of the Royals, I do have a little soft spot for Charles (Camilla, not so much. She did after, all take another woman’s husband.) Charles seems kind, genteel, he has a wicked sense of humour, loved his Grandmother, reveres his parents and is effortlessly sarcastic.  So, yeah-I like him.  And the man can DRESS. Oh my word.

While in Washington DC they did the typical tourist things as they saw some pretty impressive monuments and even found time to go 10 pin bowling (although Charles kept his shoes-when your shoes are handmade and cost £3K-you simply, don’t take them off).  And of course they met The President, Barack Obama who said to Prince Charles ‘it is fair to say that the American people are quite fond of the Royal Family’ to which Prince Charles replied, ‘That is awfully nice.’  Actually, Charles was RELIEVED. I mean, to think he and his family are actually liked.  Many in the UK are not that keen on them. I mean, they don’t work, have loads of money (via our taxes), eat fine foods, travel whenever they want and pretty much live life LARGE. So you can understand why some bitterness might be harboured against them.  Charles is ok in my book though.  Camilla on the other hand, needs to earn my trust.  But that is just me.

Cheers Y’all.



  1. Yvonne · March 20, 2015

    3,000 pounds for a pair of shoes for his royal feet! That’s a tad rich, Chuck.

    I wonder if he donates a lot of money to charity, he can sure afford to. Sorry, I’m just not a Royalist, as you can no doubt tell.

    • samdfb1 · March 20, 2015

      Me neither Yvonne. He probably does give to charity but just nominal amounts. Just think of what you could do with 3K instead of just purchasing 1 pair of shoes. SMH(shaking my head). Have a nice weekend.

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