Neighbours in the UK

The long running TV show ‘Neighbours’ is about…you guessed it, neighbours.  The opening lyrics of the program are:

Neighbours, Everybody needs good neighbours
With a little understanding
You can find the perfect blend
Neighbours…should be there for one another
That’s when good neighbours become good friends
Ooh Neighbours, should be there for one another
That’s when good neighbours become good friends.

My neighbours back home in the US were cool.  They knew me and my family well.  When locked out, they always had a spare key to our place.  When we went away, they always kept an eye on our place.  They knew where I went to school, that I ate Taco Bell only during the Summer months and that I preferred to wash my car myself rather than take it to the carwash.

What can I say about my neighbours in England?  They seem nice.  For such a small island, you would think we would be a more closely knit society. But we are not.  My neighbours only know my name because sometimes the postie delivers my parcels at their gaffe (house) when I am not home and at work.  Further, my neighbours don’t know where I work or what I do.  They do know that I have a penchant for wearing black, wear brogues and probably think that I don’t own a comb as my hair is always tied in messy knot or bun.  I do try. I smile, wave and show them my pearly whites.  In return, I get polite nods and raised eyebrows but that is about it. Sheesh.

Years ago, it was far different. People had good relationships with their neighbours.  They had block parties on Saturdays during the Summer.  And people called each other by their first names.  Check out this video depicting this very thing.  And a little ‘Take That’ is always a good thing.

Cheers Y’all




  1. Sarah · March 15, 2015

    I’m not close to my neighbours either… and the show Neighbours is from here 😛
    We have said hello to our neighbours but that is about it in a year. It’s sort of the way we like it.

    • samdfb1 · March 15, 2015

      Oh dear. It is the same for me. Do you watch this show? I have never seen it. Should I? Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Howard · May 21, 2015

    Is it possible that the mum with the new baby does not know what address to return the dish to?

    Remember, too, that young mums are often scatty and unhinged – – they have an entirely new experience on their minds which maybe leaves little room for other finer details!


    • samdfb1 · May 21, 2015

      Er…nope. She knows where I live as I often give her a friendly Yankee wave when entering my house. But you make a good point H. Thanks. x

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