Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Prince Philip.  We have one in every family.  Not royalty, but the embarrassing drunk Uncle who says inappropriate things at Thanksgiving. I think we’ve all been there.  Many don’t know that Philip was born in Greece.  His family had royal ties to both the Greek and Danish royal family.  But sadly, his family was exiled from Greece when he was a tot.  He was then educated in France, England, Germany and Scotland.  He later joined the British Royal Navy in 1939 when he was 18 years old.  That year, he began corresponding with his cousin the then 13 year old Princess Elizabeth who was his COUSIN (ok, third cousin but cousins are cousins in my book).  He actually met his COUSIN for the first time in 1934, then they started corresponding a few years later. They eventually married. Well, he was granted permission by George VI to marry Elizabeth but he had to abandon his Greek and Danish royal titles and converted from Greek Orthodox to Anglican.  He also had to become a naturalised British citizen  and he adopted the surname of his maternal grandparents-Mountbatten.  Their engagement was 5 months, and the COUSINS got married in 1947.  When Liz became Queen in 1952, she made her husband a Prince of the United Kingdom in 1957.

Philip and Elizabeth were married Westminster Abbey in 1947 and it was recorded and broadcasted to 200 million people around the world.   However, in post-war Britain, it was not acceptable for any of the Duke of Edinburgh’s German relations to be invited to the wedding, including Philip’s three surviving sisters, all of whom had married German princes.

He was hoping to carry on with his illustrious naval career but sadly could not.  Once his wife became Queen he had to shelve his dreams.  All of them. Instead he supported his wife as Sovereign and basically that was full time job. As he watches on lovingly as she does royal stuff.

In June 2011, in an interview marking his 90th birthday he said it was time for him to slow down.  His wife, the Queen, gave him the title Lord High Admiral for his 90th birthday.  He has said some funny, rude, hilarious and insane things in the past.  They are not even worth repeating but just know he said them.  He has had a decent life and loved his wife and that is all anyone can ask for.  For real.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Yvonne · March 3, 2015

    He was pretty darn good looking as a young chap, eh? He has put his lower extremity in his facial orifice a few times!

    • samdfb1 · March 3, 2015

      Lol! He was a hottie for sure!

      • Yvonne · March 3, 2015

        And now, kinda lukewarm.

      • samdfb1 · March 3, 2015

        Lol! Practically frigid if you ask me! 😉

  2. Lloyd · March 3, 2015

    Warren has a hat like Prince Phillip !

  3. K. Renae P. · March 3, 2015

    How you doing Prince Phillip ;).

    • samdfb1 · March 4, 2015

      Lol. Very well thank you Renae. Kind of you to ask. 😉

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