If we were having coffee….

If we were having coffee….

This seems to be a popular preamble at the present moment.  So, here we go.  If we were having coffee er…I drink tea mostly, after all I live in Blighty (London).  If I am not drinking tea, I am drinking sparkling water or ‘fizzy water’ as we say here or ‘agua con gas’ as they say in Portugal-but I digress.  After fizzy water I drink Guinness.  Even their slogan makes sense ‘Guinness is good for you.’  Alright-y then, I’ve established what I would be drinking if we met.

If we were having tea I would complain about the weather  to include the incessant rain, and the gale force winds we sometimes have.  Next, I would tell you how crowded it was on the Underground this morning.  This line of conversation is pretty much a prerequisite for living in London Town.

If we were having fizzy water I would talk about how strong the pound is and how everything is cheaper back home in the US.  And I would remark that the Converse sneakers that I want are $35.99 back home but in London they are £35.99.  So the monetary value is higher but the numerical value is the same.  So annoying.

If we were having a Guinness, I would complain about the road tax, council tax and other taxes I have to pay.  I mean, this is why my people left your people so many years ago.  Seeing that we are drinking Guinness, we’ve got plenty of time to chat.  So, I would tell you how I sing along to Paloma Faith, Hozier and Olly Murs and I secretly hope that they cross the pond with their distinctively British sound that Americans need to hear and know.

I would also touch upon immigration and tell you I think it is a good thing.  I would also tell you that I hope we don’t leave the EU.  Then I would ask you what you think about the coalition government we have and who you were voting for in the General Election in May.

So, we would talk about everything and anything if we were having a tea, fizzy water or Guinness.  Hope you enjoyed our ‘chinwag’ or conversation.  I know I did.

Cheers Y’all



  1. Diana · March 2, 2015

    Glad you stopped by for coffee! I host a weekly link-up for coffee posts, so I hope you’ll join us next weekend, too!

    I spent a summer in London, and while I miss it terribly, I don’t miss the expense. lol

    And oh, I love Hozier and Olly Murs! I’m going to have to check out Paloma Faith now.

    • samdfb1 · March 2, 2015

      Most excellent-on the weekly link up and the summer spent in London Town. Yeah, the expense I could do without. Paloma Faith is amazing. One of her former jobs was a magician’s assistant. Check out ‘Picking up the Pieces’ its intense but a good song. Cheers.

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