Star Wars is alive and well here in the UK. And I am not talking about The Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) commonly referred to as Star Wars. Am talking about THE Star Wars.  Next summer the latest instalment will come to our cinemas, ‘The Force Awakens’.  The movie now rests largely in the hands of Disney and not George Lucas.  Am pretty sure it will do well, Disney seems to know what they are doing.

Meanwhile, as a result of the upcoming flick anything Star Wars is going for big money.  Its kind of cool that kids of all ages collect this stuff. But adults tend to have money than kids.  And the adults tend to be collectors and wont play with their toys but rather will keep them in their original packaging, as it increases in value. I was recently on ebay (looking for a stuffed crow-kid not) and I couldn’t help but notice that Star Wars figures were going for big money. Like hundreds of pounds. Yikes.  Just recently, Bobba Fett, a character in Star Wars went for £18,000 at auction. That is like £22,000 US Dollars (approx.).  That is madness. And by madness I mean crazy.  And by crazy I mean like a fox.  I think you get the point.  May the force be with you.

Cheers Y’all


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