Snacking in the UK

Snacking in the UK.  Now we are talking.  Here in the UK we tend to snack on Walker’s crisps, Cadburys chocolate and pork scratchings.  And of course everything pictured above.  We snack on the train, on the Underground, while driving and even while on foot with our mobile phones attached to our ear.  Recently, I discovered a new snack.  Insert celebratory music.  The new snack I discovered? Nib Nibs. Their tag line is: ‘where do you nibble yours?’ My answer? Pretty much everywhere.  Really lovely cheese straws, cheese straw bites, breadsticks and nuts that keep hunger pangs at bay. Its a win win situation. Really moreish. Really yummy.  Made in North Yorkshire. Ey up!

Check out a link to their website here:

Cheers Y’all


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