I heat Wales. I really do. They are part of our family here in the United Kingdom.  They of course speak English but also their own language-Welsh. Yeah, good luck with that one.  I will stick with the Queen’s English-although I am still learning it.  There is a town in Wales by the name of:
Kid not.  But the short version is: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll.  Welsh is a Celtic language. And boy, weren’t those Welsh wordy? Apart from their difficult language, their English is really lovely. When a Welsh person is speaking it actually sounds like they are singing a song. When I am in Wales, I ask for directions ALL the time-not because I am lost but because I want to snap my fingers to a little music. All joking aside, it is really lovely there.  Welsh people are lovely too, salt of the earth, friendly people. Their main industry primarily revolves around the mining industry. The men have dirt underneath their fingernails, kind eyes and will kill you with their sarcasm. No joke. I would advise brushing up on your sarcasm if you want to go to Wales (and the North of England in general).
Also, it is magically beautiful there. The mountains, the trees, the forests. Amazing. When you go (you should go) you will feel like there are fairies and unicorns at every turn. It is THAT magical.
The food is lovely as well. No doubt you will enjoy Welsh cakes, Welsh rarebit and Bara Brith which is a fruit cake.
Like I said, Wales is lovely-North and South. But don’t go to New South Wales. I mean, you can-but that is located on the east coast of Australia. I am sure it is lovely there as well. But if you find yourself in New South Wales, you need to tell me what it is like there because it looks fab.
Cheers Y’all

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