Newcastle upon Tyne

Its high time I blog about places other than Blighty (London). These places exist. I’ve heard. Come take a walk with me to Newcastle upon Tyne….or just Newcastle.

Located up North. From Newcastle, I can see my house-I mean, Scotland. Salt of the earth people. I lived in Durham which is the next town so I feel like I can talk about Newcastle. People from Newcastle are called ‘Geordies’. Why? I have no idea. But they are.

Their accent is a tough one people. My first few weeks there, I had no idea what people were saying. I just nodded and smiled. Lord knows what I agreed to. Like I said, Lord knows. Also, the sarcasm is brutal up there. Actually, the US State Department recommends that before you travel to Newcastle, you should take a course in Sarcasm 101 at any local college. Kid not.

Known for its mining industry and decent working class folk. But in the 1980’s, The Iron Lady was all ‘Er…no’. She systematically destabilised the Northern economy by closing the mines during her tenure as Prime Minister. At her funeral, a few years back when Maggie’s coffin was carried through the streets of London-those from the North, who were there, turned their backs as her coffin passed by. They disliked her THAT much. Pretty powerful if you ask me.

Go to Newcastle. The cold weather might just kill you but you should still go. Hypothermia is NOT that bad people. Like most places, there is a North South divide. I live in the South, just me writing about the North means that I have to consider changing my identity. Kid not. Next blog post will be about Durham. Not Durham, North Carolina but Durham in the UK. Even more beautiful than Newcastle. And evidence that Harry Potter is real. Kid not.

Cheers Y’all



  1. LLOYD DE FREITAS · November 24, 2014

    Remember Not to take Coal to Newcastle, Iron Lady will give you a Newcasmare, (nightmare)

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • samdfb1 · November 24, 2014

      oh dear. Please leave that humour to the professionals, Dad. That would be great. x

  2. Phil Taylor · November 27, 2014

    Now that I’ve figured out that there are other posts on your blog I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about the U.K. from you. Newcastle, home of sarcasm? Sounds like I’d love it there.

    • samdfb1 · November 27, 2014

      Yeah! Why is my blog set up like this? Am not really asking-more venting. Glad you like it. Yeah, the sarcasm is out of this world. Am pretty sure they would welcome you with open arms. Happy Thanksgiving.

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