Bicycles in London Town

Bicycles in London Town.  You just gotta love them.  London is great for bicycles with its narrow roads, paved roads, dirt roads-don’t even get me started about the Roman Roads still in use in London.  I can’t.
Bicycles in London have recently been revived with ‘Boris Bikes’. That is a picture of Boris on one of his bikes. Well, the people’s bikes.  Boris is our mayor.  He ushered in renting bikes for short journeys for about £2 per day.  Helmets not included.
First, a quick word about Boris.  He attended public school (that means private here), he is wealthy, and he is a seasoned politician and a member of the Conservative Party.  He has a blonde mop of unruly hair and is by no means is he conservative.  He’s a politician so he’s: intelligent, verbose and has children outside of his marriage. But I do not judge.  Much.  Boris is so elegantly loquacious that I don’t know what he is saying half the time.  And I am not alone.  Anyway, back to the bikes…
So cyclists in London have their own unwritten code.  Some even consider it a way of life.  Their code is simply this: ignore traffic lights, ride between cars/trucks and my personal favourite-maim and swear at pedestrians in equal measure.  Kid not.  Most of the cyclists are mad.  Mad like crazy.  Crazy like a fox.  I think you get the point.  At present, I have had 43 run-ins with cyclists.  Literally.  I usually end up giving them the ‘bird’ or two fingers which is as British as you can get.  But if I turn those two fingers around I am simply saying ‘peace’.  So its important to remember how to hold your fingers. For real.
In my opinion (since you were about to ask) its far easier to use the underground.  True, there is less aggro, but no one will try to maim and insult you in equal measure.  Pick your poison, I say.  I’ll take the underground and then I’ll probably end up blogging about it.  Oh wait…I have.
Cheers Y’all


  1. Phil Taylor · December 21, 2014

    After my short stay in London I would have to agree with you about how completely mad the cyclists are. I didn’t have any run-ins with them but had I stayed longer I’m sure I would have. I’m surprised that their mortality rate isn’t astronomical.

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