Victoria Railway Station

Victoria Railway station is one of the main stations, (along with Waterloo, Kings Cross and St Pancras) from there, you can pick up the Victoria, Circle or District line and get to pretty much anywhere in London. However, first you will have to navigate the crowds and bad behaviour that you will encounter. Allow me to ‘school you’.

This morning, I purchased my ticket for the day. My all day travelcard is handy for the train, tube and busses-all of which I will take to get to my desired location in outer Siberia….I mean Central London. For some reason (probably because it is a Monday and it was raining) my ticket did not work. The gate or turnstile did not open and I was not allowed to enter. I was totally ok with it. I would just find some worker at the station to help me. As I was waiting for my ticket to be returned (because first you get an electronic message at the gate then you get your ticket back) the middle aged woman behind me BARKED, ‘Get out of the way! I want to go through!’ I was still waiting for my ticket to be returned. I turned around slowly, looked at her dead in her face and said, ‘RELAX. And you have a good Monday.’ She immediately became flustered and said she was ‘ever so sorry’. I smiled and said nothing. I wanted to say ‘yes, you are’ but I am bigger person than that. Actually, I was physically bigger than her and did not want to get an ASBO.

So, if you plan on using the tube all that I am saying is:

-its going to be crowded.
-patience. have some or get some. quick.
-you and me are same. We both put our trouser legs on one leg at a time
-Don’t be mean. You don’t know me well enough to be mean. In fact, you don’t know me at all.

In closing, the tube or underground is certainly not the place to make friends but its not the place to make enemies either. Love thy neighbour. Equally as important, Love thy fellow tube user. It doesn’t cost ANYTHING to be nice.

Cheers Y’all

p.s. ASBO? You will have to read my next blog post.


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