Christmas Advertisements in the UK

Christmas tv adverts in the UK are a sure sign that Christmas is on the way. Last week, this age old tradition commenced on tv’s around the nation for our viewing pleasure.

The most talked about tv ad was the John Lewis ad. It was claimed that watching it could make you cry. I was game. I was more than ready to see if an ad could make me cry. But like they say, you can’t get blood from a stone. So, I was ready…me and my stone that is.

John Lewis

This ad showcased a young boy with his pet penguin. Just plain weird if you ask me. Anyway, he took this penguin everywhere-to school, to the park and to the dinner table where he fed it fish fingers. But one thing was amiss. This poor old penguin was lonely. The penguin noticed that everyone seemed to have a partner…except for him. This made the penguin very sad. Remember, this is a Christmas ad. I know this because there was a Christmas tree and a wreath in the ad. So, on Christmas day, the boy opened his presents, with his penguin friend (as they did everything together) and lo and behold there was a penguin in one of his presents! The boy and penguin were happy in equal measure. The Mum, witnessed the new penguin being unveiled but in the Mother’s eyes-it was a toy penguin. It had been a toy penguin all the time. But to the boy (who was clearly visually challenged) it was a real penguin.

And that was it. That was the much touted John Lewis ad that was supposed to make you cry. What a load of rubbish. First, this boy was clearly delusional. Secondly, I blame the parents-they should have taken him to the zoo to see REAL penguins. Thirdly, this ad had nothing to do with Christmas but like I said, there was a Christmas tree and a wreath. Oh my goodness. What a waste of 3 minutes! I could have been splitting an atom. For real.

There are more Christmas ads. Lucky for you, I will be showcasing them in my next blog entry.

Happy Christmas. Only 44 more days til Christmas. Just enough time for you to find a mate for your penguin. For real.

Cheers Y’all.



  1. adrianscrazylife · December 22, 2014

    I’ve been reading your blog for about the last hour and enjoying it immensely. For some reason, I am fascinated about foreign counties. I have a German blog I read, a Norwegian blog, and for a while I had one from Kathmandu – she moved. I think I signed up as a Follower, but I’m not sure where it will show up? My blog has a mailing list so it goes straight to your Email – does yours do that?

    • samdfb1 · December 22, 2014

      Yes I do. Glad you like it. This place is mad, but in a good way. Thanks for reading!

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