Spring forward, Fall back (wards)

On Sunday Oct 26, 2014 we here in Blighty will be turning the clocks back. Hello Winter, my old friend. This means we will have darker evenings, and a bit more light in the mornings-for a little while anyway. This crazy notion of playing with Father Time commenced in WWI and was used by Germany and Austria. We Brits resisted as long as we could, then finally buckled as it seemed that by doing so, we could save fuel and money. And let’s face it, its all about the bass…I mean fuel and money.

The Summer Time Act of 1916 was passed by Parliament and the first day of British summer was 21 May 1916. That’s right, they passed a law. Got to love the Brits. Its all about precision and order. And tea, scones, chocolate, rain, brollies…..I think you get the point. So, the good news, is that we all get an extra hour of sleep. Now, that can only be a good thing and not worth losing sleep over, if you know what I mean.

Cheers Y’all.



  1. Ray F (@BritishMumUSA) · October 26, 2014

    Thanks for the reminder. We don’t change for another week here and I have called at the wrong time before now. Poppas, Hope you enjoyed the EXTRA hour!!!

    • samdfb1 · October 27, 2014

      Thanks! That extra hour was/is fab!

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