Funny English sayings

There is nothing funny about them. These sayings should be taken with the utmost seriousness. They are funny to me because I am American-but y’all know by now that I am an honorary Brit. So, let’s begin…

1. ‘She took a bit of a funny turn’. This doesn’t mean that instead of a sharp left she made one of a 45 degree angle. Nope. It means that she felt unwell, was simply not herself.

2. ‘Dolally’. It means to lose ones mind. Go a bit stir crazy. Deolali, India is actually a former site of a British Army transit camp. Not sure if the origin is the meaning of the word. But it does mean you are a bit nuts. This never happens to me. Much.

3. ‘Christmas is coming’. Well, it is. But this simply means that you have been waiting patiently in a queue for what seems like 5 minutes so you simply remark that: Christmas is coming-meaning that, well, its pretty close to happening so please for the love of all that is good, hurry up. Chop chop.

4. ‘She is not long gone’. It just means: She just left. But somehow her essence is still in the ether.

5. ‘Blackman’s pinch’ is a blood blister. I know, I know. I will not say anymore about this.

Of course there are loads (lots) more but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. No one likes to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed for that matter.



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