Little English sayings

So as you know, even though I am a ‘Yank’, I recently took a Brit test and was declared 100% British. For real. Anyway, while adapting has been a challenge it has more or less been seamless. Here are a few little English sayings that you may find useful when you visit Blighty (England):

1. ‘Hello mate’. Standard greeting. Usually blokes (men) say this to each other. The other day a bloke said this to me. I have cause for concern and as a result, have bought a whale bone corset for myself. Not kidding.

2. ‘Hello love’. Again a standard greeting and not gender specific. It makes this Yank’s heart swoon to hear this. Truth: the dustman recently said this and I was all ga ga. Please send help.

3. ‘Its as clear as mud’. Er…what? It means its confusing without disclosing that you are confused. Confused? Yeah, me too.

4. ‘There is a sprinkle of rain in the air’. Really? That is the understatement of the century. It rains every day in this country. Be sure to bring your brollie (umbrella) when you come.

5. ‘She is not long gone’ Translation: she just left.

6. ‘mad’ = disbelief ‘sorry’=I didn’t hear you the first time, please repeat ‘pleasure’=nice to meet you.

There are loads more but I must go put the kettle on and have a crumpet with some marmalade.



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