Chocolate in the UK

My Mother insisted that she loved my brother and myself as she gave us sugar-free candy in limited quantities when we were growing up. When I moved to the UK, I was met by a chocolate angel at London Heathrow. She slowly and deliberately introduced me to all things chocolate. First there was Cadbury’s. In bars, or sheets as big as your face. There was Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut, Turkish Delight and so many other varieties that I nearly acquired type II diabetes just looking at the plethora of chocolate available. At Christmas, chocolate comes in tins in bite size pieces. Big enough to pop in your mouth and still be able to walk and talk. Other chocolate includes: Yorkie (not for girls-hey, don’t blame me that is their advertising slogan), Rolo, Picnic, Lion and Zebra. Ok, there is no zebra but there IS a chocolate called Lion.

Cadbury’s was recently acquired by its American cousin: Hershey’s. Yes. Bow your head in respectful reverence. First, you Yanks dumped our tea in the harbour. Now, you have taken over our chocolate. You probably want our Queen next. Sorry mate, we are keeping Liz.



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