Driving in the UK

Don’t. Seriously. No need to drive in the UK as we have excellent public transportation here. Ok, the prices go up every year. Ok, I never get a seat on the train-despite paying. The train is always late. Actually, if the train were to be on time I would suspect foul play and wait for the next late train. Weather affects the train. Like rain. And you know it rains a lot here. Back to driving…

Firstly, our roads are small. Our roads in the UK are akin to alleys in the US. Seriously small and usually one way. I suspect our roads are small because they are the original ones built by the Romans so many years ago. So, we have small cars. There is even a car that has 3 wheels! No lie! I have seen it. Although it is not allowed on the motorway. For those of us (not me) who have big cars and by big I mean a Range Rover (the small version) well, you take over the road and you flaunt your wealth in equal measure. Not cool. We have small roads and lanes and they are almost never in a straight line. Also, we have roundabouts or circles. In the US we approach circles with wild abandon. Whoever gets there first goes and just keeps on truckin’! In the UK, the roundabouts are handled with care, precision and politeness. You must always yield to the person on the right. Even if they are going at 2.3 mph. Yield. We of course have different signs here, you will have to learn them. The easy ones include: slow- cow crossing and slow-badger crossing. In symbols only. I will say one thing about driving in the UK, we are terribly polite here. Need to cross? Change lanes and someone is in your blind spot? Need to suddenly do a U turn? Not a problem, your friendly British motorist will ALWAYS give you the right of way accompanied by a polite sweeping hand gesture and a forced smile. For real. You can drive if you want to but if I were you I would take the Underground.



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