How to spot an aristocrat in London

Morning chaps, I have compiled a list for your viewing pleasure and information on how to spot an aristocrat in London. You are most welcome.

1. They wear salmon coloured trousers. IKR?
2. Upon saying ‘nice to meet you’ they will not respond the normal way with ‘nice to meet you too!’ Instead, they will say ‘pleasure’
3. They wear a pinkie ring. Wait…I wear a pinkie ring.
4. Tea and Pimms are a way of life.
5. Tea is served in china tea cups not mugs. Wait…I serve tea in china tea cups.
6. You will find them at the cricket pitch wearing their ‘ham and eggs’tie.
7. Downton Abbey will make them all misty eyed as they remember their youth. For real.
8. They will make frequent references to their ‘gap year’.
9. They will have 1 or more Barbour jackets. Wait…I have 2 barbour jackets.
10. Wait..I think I might be an aristocrat. Not really.

Cheers mate.


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