Old people in England

Old people in England are referred to as Pensioners or OAP’s (old age pensioners). They make up 70% of the population and you can take that to the bank. Yes, and they do have bank (money).

The reason OAP’s have ‘bank’ is because:

-they ride for free on the buses
-they get a discount on: food, clothes and pictures (movie/cinema tickets)
-they get a winter fuel payment £100-£300 to cover the cost of their heating bills.
-They get a pension and pension credit

They know how to be frugal as most of them grew up during the war. The great War. Which was WWI. Just kidding, WWII. They know lots of stuff including how to clean, cook and wash clothes. They clean with vinnegar, cook everyday and wash their clothes and hang it on the line to dry. They know other stuff too, I am quite sure of it. Also, they have a killer sense of humour. The following was an actual convo between me and an OAP the other day at the bus stop:

“Good morning young lady,can you read this message on the phone for me-the letters are too small”

“yup, sure”

“I am going to the pictures today, its £3 for OAP’s”

“Great, what are you going to see?”

“Haven’t got a clue”

“Oh, is that supposed to be good?”

“I will let you know” We both laugh.

So, they may be meticulously slow, buy day old bread at reduced prices at the market but all in all OAP’s in England are pretty cool. One day I will be an OAP. Bring it.



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