Watching TV in the UK

Welcome. You are now watching the best tv in the universe, that is if you are watching tv in the UK.

First. Quality comes with a price. If you want to watch tv in the UK you must pay the license fee. Be prepared to shell out £145.00 if you are watching on a colour tv and £49.00 for a black and white one. If you are over 74 years old (roughly 60% of the general population-for real) you will not have to pay the fee. In essence, the tv license is a tax. Tax on tv? This is why my people left these people all those years ago.

In your viewing pleasure you will enjoy:

Eastenders-this soap opera comes on roughly 4 times weekly. If you want to know London life, the ways of working class people and don’t mind a bit of rough you will like this show. Also, if you want to perfect your London timbre of a twang-this is the show to watch. Everyone does.

Coronation Street-similar to Eastenders but geared mainly for the Northerners as it takes place up North. Northerners, a funny bunch and an entirely different blog entry. The Northern accent will make your ears bleed, I’m just sayin’.

Antique Roadshow-a bunch of old stuff from your loft/attic and of significant value (but you had no idea) is reviewed and given valuation by experts. The Queen watches this program. So, if its good enough for the Queen, its good enough for me.

BBC News-Excellent news coverage

Channel 4 news-excellent news coverage for you liberals out there. I hear its pretty good.

Billiards-no,no and no. You will find more enjoyment watching paint dry. Trust me.

The Wire-Idris Elba. That’s all I am going to say.

Any nature show on the BBC. You want to see hummingbirds in their habitat? Lions lying around? This is the show for you.

Of course the classic shows keep me and the rest of the UK in stitches. These include:
Fawlty Towers, Dad’s Army, Of Fools and Hourses and Blackadder. And another thing….we call it ‘telly’ here.



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