Eat. Drink. Walk. London

Eating, drinking and walking in London requires a bit of panache. Luckily, I am here to help you.

It is extremely important that you master eating with both a knife AND a fork. Listen up fellow Americans, I am talking to you. Eating with just a fork will simply not do. Further, don’t even think about eating with a fork and using your thumb to push the food onto your fork. You will be asked to leave the establishment and will not be invited back. So, I’ve heard. Eating with a fork and knife shows your host or the restaurant that you are civilised. Trust me on this one.

When it comes to the drink. Don’t ask for ice for it will never come. Ice is overrated anyway and will simply dilute your drink of choice. If you want ice, go to Sweden. I hear they have ice there. Of course the drink of choice is tea, tea and more tea. Pimms in the summer is a mildly alcoholic drink laden with fruit. They serve this at Wimbledon so you know its good as well as posh. Bitter is best and cider is fine.

Walking in London can be a problem. Although there are rules on the underground about walking on the left and standing on the right which is good-but only applies to the underground. It will be busy in London. Especially on the train concourse. People crisscross in front of you kamakazi style. This is what works for me. I just close my eyes and walk. Sometimes I flail my arms, but not often. I close my eyes and walk, and people get out of my way. For real.

Hope you find these handy hints helpful. They sure have worked for me.



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