A vegetarian in England

As a vegetarian I think about quarter pounders ( I mean royale with cheese) pretty much every day. That being said, allow me to take this opportunity to explain why being a vegetarian in England is hard. Real hard. Firstly, I have no relationship with my local butcher, while most in this country do. All butchers wear white coats (like Doctors and Dentists) but instead of curing they are carving. Further, I liken butchers to ‘meat pimps’. They give customers what they want, will often do a deal and both parties go away happy. I admit, its a terrible analogy but you get the point.

People who say British food is bland have obviously never been to Blighty (London). Before my vegetarian lifestyle commenced I used to indulge in the following:

-Stuffed lamb hearts
-New Zealand lamb
-Welsh lamb
-British beef
-Roast beef
-Bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes)
-Beef stew
-Smoked bacon
-Unsmoked bacon
-Pork chops

Below is a picture of stuffed lamb hearts. Before and after.  Just.So. Good.


I think you pretty much get the picture. Stuff lambed hearts wrapped up in bacon. Amazingly delish. I was a meat eater for sure…back then.  Now I eat lentils and tofu. But I still think about quarter pounders pretty much everyday.



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