Some things are just different here…

Some things are just different here. Here in the UK we have inheritance tax, capital gains tax, council tax, income tax, road tax, window tax (now abolished-have you seen the Gherkin?)and a personal favourite- value added tax or VAT. I mean, this is why my people left these people.

Back to the VAT. I live in a land where £4.99 means just that. Back in good ole U S of A $4.99 really means $5.37 so have your coinage ready mate.

Transportation is an entirely different ball game altogether. Expensive yes, efficient so-so. But animals can travel free and easy. And while your dog or ferret is on a lead (leash) you can have a beer-yes, I said it. Open container. Some trains even sell beer. Wait, I think heaven just opened up and an Angel just fell out. Thank God.

University education. Used to be free but is now around £5K. In the US expect to spend 1 million dollars on your University career. Also, obtaining a MA in the US is an uphill 3 year economic transgression. In the UK expect to spend 1 year completing your MA degree.

Clothing can be cheaper. In the UK I can get an outfit from Primark for around £25. In the US I can get a left shoe for $25. I’m just saying.

The rain is different as well. The upside is that everything is emerald green but you will find yourself cold and wet and shivering with the sight of a rain cloud.

Some things are just different here. Different is not necessarily better but different. Cheers.



  1. Ray · April 23, 2014

    I have to laugh, my blog is BritishMumUSA. I am from London living in Chicago, considering sending her very very American daughter back to London to go to University!!!! Going to save your blog, and have a good read. So miss my home, so miss London….. Give her a hug from me 🙂 Thanks… Ray

    • samdfb1 · April 24, 2014

      Thanks so much! What is your blog address? I will def. check it out! Have a good Thursday.

      • Ray · April 24, 2014

        Blog address is

        Haven’t really written much about the differences….. been here since 1992…..
        Still miss home mostly the history and fish and chips. Oh and a good friendly homey pub. …

      • samdfb1 · April 24, 2014


    • samdfb1 · April 24, 2014

      Good idea. Have you seen the Uni fees in the US? 1 year at Dartmouth will run you $64,000. That is only for 1 year. So mad.

  2. Ray · April 24, 2014

    Oh I know we have a junior in high school I cant find anything that has a good writing program under 45000.00. Unreal…..

    • samdfb1 · April 24, 2014

      so crazy. Makes you want to homeschool to PhD level. For real.

      • Ray · April 24, 2014

        Seriously!!! Although if I home school the teen would not have survived!!! So I just looked to Canada for curiosity and guess what ….. Tuition, room and board for McGill and this was a quick look was about 17,000.00 can you believe… I would have to look again and check but that is CRAZY!!!!!

      • samdfb1 · April 25, 2014

        ha ha. I have never really known a home schooled person? Do they exist? Are they socially awkward or just silently brilliant? I had looked at McGill at one point-great school. For my MA I went to Durham. I mean it was 1 year compared to a 3 year MA in the US. Jeez! Have a good Friday!

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