Beer and wine

For every season there is a reason to drink.  In the UK, that statement could not be more true. For real.

The drinking age in the UK is 16 years old while the driving age is 21 years old. In the US, the drinking age is 21 and the driving age is 12 (if you live on a farm in Idaho and drive a tractor) but for the most part its 16yrs old.

Just a quick survey of England’s favourite drinks. Tea. This is the lifeblood of the nation. While in the US people have smoke breaks, we have tea breaks here. Cricketers interrupt their game for a cuppa. Brits drink tea from morning to night, myself included (8 cups and counting).  It is seriously refreshing, warming and just makes one feel oh so civilised. Word. In the summer we drink Pimms, a mildly alcoholic beverage mixed with lemonade and fruit. Oh not the lemonade you were thinking but something similar to Sprite. Then there is cider-its ok but I guess you can liken it to an alcopop. Next, beer or lager or bitter. Now that’s the stuff. Seriously good and just makes you feel like you have accomplished something great when you sit down to sip this.  There are so many breweries. At the moment I am into Hall & Woodhouse. If you ever come to England I will buy you a pint of Tangle foot, Badgers, Fursty Ferret or Poacher’s Choice.

So, we’ve covered tea, lemonade, Pimm’s and lager. Guinness is good for you as they say but its even better in Ireland. Go to Ireland for the Guinness and you wont be disappointed. In the evening, some like to settle down with Horlicks-a warm, malty drink like Ovaltine. If you are over 80 this is your tipple. But it is a warm, comforting drink on wet and windy nights when the wind is howling down the chimney and the rain is pelting against the window pane. Or try whiskey. Whiskey is good for these nights.

The British enjoy their drink and drink responsibly. Well, they have been doing it since they were 16 years old so they pretty much have it covered. Find me a teetotaller (one who abstains from alcohol) and I’ll be sure to buy you a pint when you’re in town next.

Cheers mate.



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