Rugby 101

The English love rugby as much as they do football. Me as well. Johnny Wilkinson (see above) is a former England rugby player. He now plays for France. Lucky France.

So in a nutshell, this game has 15 players with 7 substitutes and is divided into two 40 minute halves.  They throw around words like ‘try’, ‘conversion’, ‘drop goal’ and ‘penalty goal’. A ‘scrum’ or ‘scrummage’ is a method for restarting play. It is hilarious to look at. You have 8 players in a 3-4-1 formation in a crouching formation. Can’t picture it? Picture 2 crabs dancing. Now you’ve got the picture.

When these boys play, they make NFL players look like girl scouts. No shoulder pads, knee pads or elbow pads. Just a mouth guard. Although some rugby players wear a helmet to protect their ears so they don’t get cauliflower ears. So, a mouth guard. And oh yeah, muscles. Even their muscles have muscles. Breathe. They play rough and run like the wind. They can only throw sideways or backwards. This game is not for the faint hearted.  They play hard and tackle hard. Did I mention they have muscles? Breathe.


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