Beware the underground (the tube) in rush hour. It is pure madness.

I got on the tube this morning, like every other morning but this morning I had a bit of a struggle.  Someone stepped on the back of my shoe thus transforming my ballet flat into a flip flop. Then, someone stepped on the top of my foot which was in a ball like formation to accommodate the narrowness of my shoe. I think I need new shoes. Obiter. Anyway, then someone poked me in my ribs with their bony elbow. Once I actually got on the tube or capsule like carriage I, among others lurched forward with the movement of the train. It was incredibly crowded this morning (like every morning.) I was standing so close to a stranger-man that I am pretty sure I kissed his soul, and he mine.

The other thing that cracks me up is seeing pregnant women with their ‘baby on board’ badge. Really? What about ‘I’m in a bad mood’ badge? Or, ‘I’m hungry’ badge? Why stop at ‘baby on board’?

Well, I get to do it all again tomorrow. However, I will be wearing my trainers (sneakers) and hopefully the only soul I kiss tomorrow will be my own. Mwah! x


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